Workshops & Webinars

Understanding the gravity of leading a healthy life is important and olive oil is the best ambassador to support this lifestyle! 

We organise and hold education workshops, webinars and olive oil tastings for food professionals, retailers/importers as well as students, consumers and olive oil friends around the world, to help them understand the positive attributes and defects of olive oil, learn how to evaluate olive oil, use it in their gastronomy, appreciate the health benefits and have a clear understanding of the "farm-to-table" lifecycle of olive oil. 

If you are looking to enhance your team's knowledge and build better relationships with your customers or simply looking to 

create a memorable experience for your guests or yourself, join one of our activities  and immerse yourself in the beautiful world of olive oil! 

Explore & discover

  • Olive Oil 101

    A complete journey through the world of olive oil for professionals. We will start with the basics and build on the tree of knowledge to understand the quality categories, differences, organoleptic and chemical profiles, varieties and learn how to better communicate olive oil to your customers.


    This workshop is ideal for professionals in olive oil sales, retailers, importers and distributors as well as olive oil friends.  

  • Farm to Table

    Knowing where your food comes from is very important. Imagine being able to meet the producer and talk with them! In this informative session, we will walk you through the olive oil lifecycle within the farm-to-table concept, explain the health benefits, the characteristics of our variety, the food pairings and we will debunk popular myths about olive oil! 

  • Olive Oil Tasting

    Why not indulge yourself in a unique experience and explore the different aromas and flavours you can identify in olive oil?


    In this session you will learn about the asic principles of olive oil tasting and sensory analysis, taste rare Greek varieties, understand how to identify positive attributes and defects in olive oil, learn how to select, store and enjoy olive oil in your daily food pairings.

    Experiencing an olive oil tasting will definitely change your life! No previous knowledge is necessary for this workshops, we will explore everything together! 

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