Welcome! Meet our Olive Oil Sommelier!

We are very happy and proud to have in our team an Olive Oil Sommelier to guide us through our quality issues and to communicate the values and the importance of extra virgin olive oil. 

Marianna is a certified Olive Oil Sommelier with a physics and materials background. She loves olive oil and Mediterranean lifestyle and aims to communicate this passion and knowledge to consumers around the world, aiming to help them achieve better quality of life.

With a scientific background in physics and materials for energy & environment and experience in industry and EU research project management, Marianna has decided to follow her passion for olive oil & entrepreneurship. She completed her certification course with the Olive Oil Times Education Lab & the International Culinary Centre in London while she keeps growing her knowledge and widening her horizons. Keen to share the knowledge she built and keeps building, she works hard to communicate the benefits of extra virgin olive oil, the ways to make it part of our every day life and why we should prefer smaller producers to international brands. 

You will find her in the olive grove or in tasting and education sessions supporting collaborations, networking and knowledge dissemination. She is a member of the Registry of Certified Olive Oil Sommeliers.


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