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Meet Marianna, our Olive Oil Consultant & Olive Oil Sommelier!

We are very happy and proud to have in our team an Olive Oil Sommelier to guide us through our quality issues and to communicate the values and the importance of extra virgin olive oil. Being a producer and an olive oil sommelier is a great combination that allows for better insights in the olive oil lifecycle, actions and steps that affect its quality and  understanding of the varieties we grow.

Marianna is an Olive Oil Sommelier and Olive Oil Consultant with the ESAO (Spanish School of Olive Oil) and certified by the Olive Oil Times Education Lab and the International Culinary Centre of New York. She loves olive oil and Mediterranean lifestyle and aims to communicate this passion and knowledge to consumers around the world, aiming to help them achieve better quality of life.

With a scientific background in physics and materials for energy & environment and previous work experience in industry and EU research projects, Marianna knows very well how to work with processes in a well rounded environment. She first learnt more about olive oil when she met her now husband and made the lifechanging decision to follow this passion for olive oil, knowledge and entrepreneurship. Being the geek in our team, she further pursued to broaden her horizons and attended the certification course of Olive Oil Sommelier in London. 

Keen to share the knowledge obtained, Marianna conducts Olive Oil tasting seminars, olive oil tours, farm to table workshops and educates professional buyers and sales teams on how to identify the positive attributes and defects of olive oil, select, store and promote their olive oils. Being in contact with both, professional retailers and consumers, she knows how to explain in a fun, entertaining and informative manner the olive oil jargon. 


You will find her in the olive grove, in webinars and educational sessions supporting collaborations, networking and knowledge dissemination. She works hard as an ambassador of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, she is a member of Women In Olive Oil (WIOO) and a member of the Registry of Certified Olive Oil Sommeliers.

Outside her work hours, she is involved in activities that promote women entrepreneurship and the development of value added projects in Greece and abroad.

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