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Melina Milionis


Family-trained, Chef Melina Milionis is the pastry chef and owner of NJ Sweet Spot, and dazzles New Jersey and New York City restaurants with her decadent phyllo dough creations. Melina has shared the cooktop with Celebrity Chef Diane Kochilas, SuperStar Chef Maria Loi as well as meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda. Milionis heads up William Sonomas' Regional Culinary Talent and has appeared on the center stage at the Athens Food Expo. 


A regular contributor to Estiator Magazine, Melina gives valuable insight  in food, wine and Greek travel and creates recipes based on the flavors of the region, it's people and its wines.


Co-owner and Creative Director of the YouTube series Greek Girls Kitchen, Melina features culinary creations inspired by her travels and love of all things Greek. 


Melina's passion for creating traditional Greek cuisine is fueled by traveling throughout Greece and cooking with local chefs and restaurateurs. Her reputation as a culinary personality follows her throughout her journeys to share flavours of Greece with the world!  

Melina is one of Oleosophia's Greek Chefs running our cooking classes and immersing you into a yummy world of Greek sensations!

A Drop of Ladi & my Greek soul!

Is it all Greek to you when it comes to cooking Greek?

To experiment with Greek gastronomy in your own kitchen, we highly recommend you try out the recipes of  US-Greek Chef Krystina Kalapothakos, founder of Kouzounas Kitchen!
An amazing gastronomic trip around Greece with easy to follow and yummy recipes to enjoy with friends and family!

Get the book here

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By Food and Travel

Looking for inspiration and information? Check out our partner By Food and Travel to witness travels and gastronomy through the eyes of locals!

By Food and Travel is made by passionate travellers who want to share their love of discovery and exploration. Original ideas, unique destinations, unknown attractions, city guides, and culinary treasures are only part of the new way of travelling that you will discover on our website. Our articles are about destinations all over Europe and Greece, but they are also dedicated to the city where we live, Athens, which we want to reveal to its visitors with new and fresh eyes. Our motto is: travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape you!

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