In our family olive grove, the variety of "manaki" is mainly cultivated. The manaki olive fruit is of medium size and the olive oil is mild to moderately fruity, with soft bitter and pungent notes. One could say manaki is a sweet olive oil as it is smooth on the pallate, leaving a pleasant fresh aftertaste. OLEOSOPHIA is ideal for every day use in salads, cooking and dressings as well as a unique and sophisticated personal or business gift.

Enjoy the taste of Greek land and join us at our family table with our unique EVOO and join our community of Oleosophers!

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 ​OLEOSOPHIA Monovarietal Manaki First Harvest

  • Hand picked, limited quantity

  • Produced from 100% Manaki olives harvested first in early October. 

  • High nutritional value in premium design packaging.

  • Health certificate received for phenolic content by the World Olive Centre for Health

  • Ideal for a healthy addition to your cuisine and use as a health supplement. 

  • Rich in antioxidants

  • Available in 500mL & 250mL dark glass bottles.

  • Mild profile with rich fruitiness and predominant green aromas.

 ​OLEOSOPHIA Premium Manaki/Megaritiki 

  • A playful bi-cultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Manaki and Megaritiki varieties

  • Hand-picked in October to Mid November

  • Suitable for a healthy diet since it is rich in antioxidants as carotenoids, polyphenols, vitamin E and chlorophyll

  • Rich fruity profile

  • Well balanced bitter and pungent notes

  • Mild extra virgin olive oil

  • Available in 500mL and 250mL dark glass bottles

Family made


Our family has been producing extra virgin olive oil for three generations. Our family olive grove is located in the village of Kalentzi, Corinth, an ideal location for the local blend of "agouromanaki" and "megaritiki“. The microclimate, close to the sea but on higher altitude, gives a special taste and aroma to our olive oil blend, making it a characteristic to the location.

The OLEOSOPHIA Experience


  • Exquisite family produced Extra Virgin Olive Oil, certified for health use

  • Educational and informative support by our olive Oil Sommelier

  • Webinars, olive oil tours and tastings

  • Characteristic taste and aroma, unique to our location

  • Openness, transparency and reliability

  • Premium packaging and design

  • Limited edition, exceptional product for exceptional customers

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