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Taste the Best Manaki variety!

OLEOSOPHIA Monovarietal Manaki First Harvest -

Special award Best Manaki Monovarietal ATHENA 2021

  • Hand picked, limited quantity

  • Produced from 100% Manaki olives harvested first in early October. 

  • High nutritional value in premium design packaging.

  • Health certificate received for phenolic content by the World Olive Centre for Health

  • Ideal for a healthy addition to your cuisine and use as a health supplement. 

  • Rich in antioxidants

  • Available in 500mL & 250mL dark glass bottles.

  • Mild profile with rich fruitiness and predominant green aromas.

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 ​OLEOSOPHIA November Harvest Manaki/Megaritiki 

  • A playful bi-cultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Manaki and Megaritiki varieties

  • Hand-picked in October to Mid November

  • Suitable for a healthy diet since it is rich in antioxidants as carotenoids, polyphenols, vitamin E and chlorophyll

  • Rich fruity profile

  • Well balanced bitter and pungent notes

  • Mild extra virgin olive oil

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