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Handmade, natural, olive oil soaps

Made with love and respect to the environment!

Inspired by our village's local herbs and nature (such as honey, thyme, sage), OLEOSOPHIA brings you handmade, natural olive oil soaps from our family olive oil! OLEOSOPHIA natural and handmade olive oil soaps are great for daily use, to clean and nurture your skin using only nature's best : our family's olive oil, essential oils and natural components from our olive grove.


We take pride in using the finest ingredients that nature can give us to ensure a quality-driven, unique experience for you. Our soap packaging environmental conscious & made with love and respect to nature.

Pure & Neutral

Nourishing Moments
Honey & Thyme 

Exfoliating Touch
Olive & Rosemary

Pure and Neutral.PNG

OLEOSOPHIA's "Simplicity" 120gr olive oil soap is a 100% olive oil, scent-free handmade soap that helps keep the skin hydrated while brining you a touch of our family olive grove in the palm of your hands.

Honey and Thyme Soothing.PNG

OLEOSOPHIA's "Nourishing   Moments" 120 gr olive oil soap harnesses the nutritious power of honey. Enriched with pure honey, dry thyme and thyme essential oil, it offers soothing moments and a connection to wellness.

Olive Wisdom.PNG

OLEOSOPHIA's "Exfoliating Touch" 120 gr olive oil soap is enriched with olive kernel to exfoliate softly and leave the skin smooth while the rosemary essential oil creates a beautiful, relaxing experience. It truly encompasses the wisdom of the olive tree!

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