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Welcome to Cook like a Greek Chef! 
A hands on experience to cook traditional, tasty & healthy Greek food with your own chef!  Whether you love cooking or eating (or both!), this cooking class is for you!
Sessions run on select dates (please check the booking calendar)


Ever wondered how these amazing mezes and Greek flavors are made? What makes them so tasty and so memorable? Well, wonder no more as you can now join our table and cook with us to learn easy, fun, healthy and taste recipes to make for your loved ones! This is a guided cooking classes, run by our Greek Chef who will immerse you into traditiona, secrets and homemade flavors! Our cooking classes are run by celebrity chefs and local women who have a vast experience in Greek cuisine and have learnt the secrets and practices from their mothers and grandmothers. So, you are in great hands! 


If we could describe our cooking classes in three words, those would be fun - homemade - authentic

What's included?

  • Warm welcome!

  • English speaking hostess, olive oil taster & professional producer

  • Greek Chef with experience on Greek, traditional cuisine

  • A brief, relaxing walk inside our family olive garden 

  • Introduction to olive oil

  • Cooking class

  • Making of 5 different foods (Pita bread, tzatkiki, feta wrapped in filo, Greek salad, hilopites) 

  • All food is paired with our family, award winning olive oils

  • Pairing with local, amazing wines 

  • Connection with local community & family spirit

  • Lots of fun & memories!

Cooking Classes

run on select dates 

April to mid-November

Duration & Language

about 3 hours - English


€ 80,00/person

€ 40,00/person for up to 12yo

for a fun, local, authentic and lifechanging experience!

At the end of the class, we will enjoy our handmade meal! 

Small groups up to 8-10 people

*For larger groups, please contact.

Comfortable shoes, a hat &

a good mood is all you need! 

Dress code

Casual clothes,

comfy shoes,

don't forget that hat!

The experience at a glance...


We begin our class with a brief walk through the olive grove from the meeting point, where the small chapel of St. Efrem is. During the walk, you will get to know more about how Oleosophia was created and why the fmaily is at its very core. Through our discussion, you will also get an insight to olive trees as part of our heritage and culture and of course, the role of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Greek cooking!


We will also better understand what cooking means for a Greek family, how food is related to culture, hospitality, mothering and nurturing (especially as all Greek yiayias and mamas alsways give you food to eat!)

Our walk finishes with our arrival at our kiosk, situated at the highest point of the olive grove and overlooking the trees and the view across it. There, we will pull up our sleeves and get ready to cook! Our Greek Chef will ontriduce us to the menu and what we will be making, breaking down the process in well structured and easy to follow steps. Our Greek Chefs will range over the classes from our lovely yiayia (grandma) to Greek celebrity chefs with international exposure!

During the cooking class you will: 

  • Learn how to make easy, Greek mezes to enjoy at home or anywhere

  • Learn about the qualities of olive oil and the use of extra virgin olive oil in the cooking

  • Explore food pairings and why we use the ingredients we use per recipe

  • Combine the Greek flavors with local wine

  • Understand the role of olive oil in the Mediterranean diet in a holistic way

  • Discover the many health benefits of olive oil

  • Find out how to shop for olive oil, how to store it and how to use it properly

  • Get inspired with food combinations and elevate a simple dish into a gastronomic experience!

  • Create lasting memories and friendships connecting with young, vibrant, local people and our family! 

Leaving the activity, you will see Greek food and olive oil in a new light, have the knowledge to prepare easy, healthy and tasty food for your loved ones, add value to your nutrition and well-being and reinvent your appreciation of olive oil!

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