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Welcome to our home!

Our village, Kalentzi, is located at the base of Mt. Fokas, the mountain where the Lion of Nemea was born, according to legend! 

We are about 1.5 hours away from Athens, in the area of Corinth and about 15 minutes away from the closest coast, that of the Corinthian Gulf.

The area is popular for its olive groves and grapes, both rich in the local varieties, which we work hard to maintain, improve and safeguard through the difficult and ever changing climate conditions. 

The Legend of Mt. Fokas

Standing proud behind our village, is the Mt. Fokas.

According to mythology, Mt. Fokas was the birth place of the Lion of Nemea, the terrible lion that Hera sent to hunt the people and face Hercules. 

Throughout the years of Greek history, Mt. Fokas was used by different people for different purposes. 

During the Ottoman occupation, it was used as a hideout and fortress for Greeks, who took advantage of its altitude to have a clear view of the plains and the enemy armies. Within the rocks of Mt. Fokas, a small church was built, which is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy. 

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