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What is oxidation and oxidative stress?

Oxidation in our body is a chemical reaction that can produce harmful effects, such as cellular oxidative stress, inflammation, aging and molecular destruction. Although we cannot avoid it, the body has many mechanisms, which limit the harmful effects. We can enhance these mechanisms through a diet rich in antioxidants.

Antioxidants are compounds that prevent oxidation in the body and therefore protect against inflammation, various types of cancer and aging, and maintain the cardiovascular and neurological systems in good health. Antioxidants are found in plant-based food: fruits, vegetables and plant oils.

Olive oil has a high content in antioxidants, making it ai ideal source for combating oxidation. That, combined with a healthy Mediterranean Diet can greatly help your body deal with oxidation and oxidative stress, maintain better balance, health, energy levels and lifelong healthy habits!

Other healthy lifestyle choices can also prevent or reduce oxidative stress. Here are some lifestyle choices that will help:

A regular, moderate exercise routine: exercise has been associated with higher natural antioxidant levels and decreased damage caused by oxidative stress. Regular exercise is linked with a longer lifespan, fewer effects of aging, and decreased risk of cancer and disease.

Don’t smoke: Avoid exposure to second hand smoke as well.

Use caution with chemicals: This includes cleaning chemicals, avoiding unnecessary radiation exposure, and being aware of other sources of chemical exposure, such as pesticides used on food or in gardening.

Wear sunscreen: Sunscreen prevents ultraviolet light damage to your skin.

Decrease your alcohol intake.

Get plenty of sleep: Ample sleep is very important for maintaining balance in all of your body systems. Brain function, hormone production, antioxidant and free radical balance are greatly impacted by sleep.

Avoid overeating: Overeating and constant eating keep your body in a state of oxidative stress more often than if you eat at appropriately spaced intervals, and eat small or moderate portions.

These easy actions, along with adding extra virgin olive oil in our daily eating habits, can help us protect ourselves from oxidation!

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