Why join us & become an Oleosopher?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is becoming more and more popular as people better understand its nutricional value, health benefits and many different aromas and flavours it entices! It is a natural food that will help you enjoy a longer, healthier and, of course, tastier life - when chosen properly!

EVOO is a natural fruit juice that comes directly from the olive fruit, without any type of processing. Much like wine, the terroir and microclimate affect its aromas and organoleptic profile, making it a unique experience to discover and use in your cooking. As a result, choosing a high quality olive oil is very important! 

The wisdom of olive oil and the many beautiful attributes stand at the core of OLEOSOPHIA. 


We value the hard work we put into taking good care of our trees and into producing fine EVOO while we also respect the fact that olive oil making is a grand combination of tradition, art and science. That is why, under the guidance of our Olive Oil Sommelier, we organise and host olive oil tours, olive oil tastings, farm to table workshops, Q&As with the producer, webinars about health benefits, food pairings, olive oil sales communication for professionals and much more.

By joining the OLEOSOPHIA family and working with us, you will enjoy a local variety that is quite unique and cultivated in 2 regions of Greece only while you will also have access to educational workshops conducted by our Olive Oil Sommelier.

We organise workshops and sessions for:

  • retailers

  • importers/distributors

  • sales teams

  • professionals in gastronomy

  • students 

  • touristic businesses & guides

  • consumers & olive oil friends

  • people who pursue a healthier lifestyle


Whether you are a professional retailer/importer looking to enrich your EVOO range and educate your team to better communicate olive oil or a consumer seeking to enhance your well being, the OLEOSOPHIA team will walk with you along they way and share the secrets of Manaki, EVOO and the Mediterranean Lifestyle. 

Working with OLEOSOPHIA will add value to your product range and team through a holistic experience of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

To work with us, contact us to request a business appointment with our Olive Oil Sommelier and we will get back to you!

Our awards and distinctions confirm our hard work and high quality, one that you can confidently pass to your customers! 

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