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The L.O.V.E. Box

The L.O.V.E Box is a uniquely crafted, handmade gift box that encompasses authentic flavours of Greece and hidden gems! It is made by small, artisan, award winning producers to capture the essence of Greece through products that travel throughout our history.

Showing utmost respect to nature and sustainability, we have created a well thought gift box with natural luxury at its very core, to exceed the expectations of the most demanding customers!


After all, who doesn't want the best for their loved ones?

The L.O.V.E Box contains:

1 X Red pepper spread 260gr of Tradifresh

1 X tahini & cranberry spread 220gr of Vrosis

1 X Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250mL of OLEOSOPHIA

Lots of love!

OLEOSOPHIA is proud to be part of this collaboration - one that is inspired by the Greek fine flavours and is led by talented women who seek to share their values for high quality, family made products and growth. 

Ideal for Christmas, corporate or personal gift! Get yours here!

A Drop of Ladi & my Greek soul!

Is it all Greek to you when it comes to cooking Greek?

To experiment with Greek gastronomy in your own kitchen, we highly recommend you try out the recipes of  US-Greek Chef Krystina Kalapothakos, founder of Kouzounas Kitchen!
An amazing gastronomic trip around Greece with easy to follow and yummy recipes to enjoy with friends and family!

Get the book here

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